Ward 11 Resources



Councillor Mike Layton

Visit Councillor Mike Layton's website to find news and updates about Ward 11,  

view a Ward 11 map listing community associations and BIAs, get help from

Mike Layton's office, and subscribe to receive ward updates via email



Green Wave West

New group of neighbours living above the now-buried Garrison Creek,

centred around Dufferin & Ossington Streets. In summer (2019)

Green Wave West launched a Reducing Waste Together project

engaging local businesses, asking them to help reduce plastic and

packaging waste by allowing customers to use their own reusable

containers (BYO).

City of Toronto Resources

Green Neighbours Network of Toronto

Green Neighbours Network is a grassroots community network of people

and groups working to make Toronto greener, healthier, and more sustainable.

Zero Waste Hub Toronto

Zero Waste Hub Toronto (ZWHT) is a grassroots not for profit organization

with a vision for a waste free Toronto. ZWHT works with local organizations

and green groups to help promote waste reduction, offer waste reduction

and reuse opportunities, DIY skill building, and education and awareness,

through zero waste fairs, community action planning, interactive group learning,

and more.